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Laptop Fix

Our service center provides a full range of services to repair laptops - from the replacement of elements to restore the data.

In our service, you can order immediate repairs laptop of any complexity. For your convenience, delivery of laptops for repair and return can be carried out by our kurerom.Noutbuki is a complex technique, which has a unique internal structure. 

Unlike desktop PCs, which all boil down to the replacement of unserviceable equipment, mobile computers everything is much more difficult, as small size, firm location and unique connections with their repair greatly complicate the process. Even very high-quality equipment sooner or later, may withdraw from stroya.PC computer makes emergency repairs laptops all the world's producers.

Laptop Repair Toshiba, Sony, Asus, Acer, Ibm, Samsung, Dell, Hp, Fujitsu Siemens, Lenovo, LG and  others.

We also carry replacement LCD matrices and repair laptop batteries laptop. We carry ou t work to restore data from any digital storage media and corrupted file systems. Turning to our service center, you receive the optimum ratio of high quality and affordable tseny.Ochen often people are buying laptops in foreign countries, a variety of manufacturers. 

We can offer you repair any notebooks, regardless of brand, model and country of production. Only draw attention to the fact that the repair of rare and exclusive notebook can take a little longer because of the search and order the required parts.

Repair services Notebook:

• repair and replacement of matrix laptops (repair or replacement of the inverter, backlight screen replacement, repair or replacement of the plume of the matrix);
• repair of motherboards notebooks;
• repair video card (the replacement of the chipset, rebouling, draft, etc.)
• repair internal power supply laptop;
• installation of hard drives of any capacity (data from the computer stored customer);

• Installation CD-ROM, DVD-ROM on laptops;
• Installing memory modules for laptops;
• withdrawal of forgotten passwords;
• modernization of laptop PCs;
• Any upgrade laptops;
• professional Russification laptops of various brands;
• recovery.


Warning Bring Along with a laptop, please, and its AC adapter for charging the battery.


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